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for already 2 days to meet us permanent struggling against the police, because he had. Insel Saaremaa in Estland, östlich von Tallinn in der Kolga Beach gibt es einen phantastischen Campingplatz direkt am Meer: Valkla Rand. Deutschland - Schlesien - Slowakei - Ungarn- Rumänien (Bukowina) Moldawien Transnistrien - Odessa Krim- Naltschik Wladikawkas Wolgograd Moskau Kursk Wolhynien Deutschland. Mathias plans to ride around Scandinavia with BMW R 10. Route : Germany (Flens) - Danmark (Fredrikshavn) - Sweden (göteborg - E45) bis Finnland (mit Abstecher - Sweden (Göteborg mit Abstecher Hammerfest und Tromsö) - Danmerk (Fredrikshavn)- Germany (Flensburg?). The lovely gravel roads here and there. I got this summary from him.06.02 - Peter Brohammer (Sweden, born 1962) Around Iceland. Police stopped us and - not accepting German or US driver-license from one member and roar at me for 30 minutes - he asked for 200,- - naturally without any receipt, like the bandits before him. Aus heutiger Sicht beinahe unglaublich, wie die alten Recken das 1930 in 17 Tagen geschafft haben. Überall war problemlos Handy-Empfang möglich. The worst: Russian Police trying hard to get money from us - they failed! So nobody was sad to leave the harbour of Poti with an rusted old Bulgarian ferry, I have tried to organize since a year and had become the.k. Other Experiences of Motorcycle-Tours: during my time there I had a short travel to Odessa, Ukraine and Varna, Bulgaria. Purpose of travel : Polen hatte uns im Vorjahr gut gefallen. A good sleep is very improtant! Du Calibier (2646. Dominik rode solo to Ireland with his yamaha XT 600.

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The majority of Americans have to notice that there are other people in the world than just they are. Bernd (Yamaha XTZ 750 Super Tenere) and girlfriend Hanne (Yamaha XTZ 660, who even prefers more to travel by mc ) rode.000 kms in 5 weeks. There are more ways of life than just ours! Found a place for my tent, but it began to snow.". Is it not more important to help others and to be more modest here? Ashot ist der Präsident des "Crimean Moto-Clubs" und wurde tatkräftig unterstützt von seiner tüchtigen und netten englisch-sprechenden Sekretärin, e haben sich auch um die Unterbringungen gekümmert, so daß ich im Vertrauen auf unsere Freunde keine Hotels auf der Krim, in Kanev und Kiev buchen mußte. The customs asked us for 60,- and need 3 hrs., what made us rather angry not knowing that this was ridiculous in addition to the future border-crossings! There is much more to write. Fisrt request for update. In Lvov Oleg, the single Goldwing-biker in the city - picked us up from a gas-station to bring us to our hotel near the polish border.


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The best: I met very friendly Russian people. But hundreds of hairpin bends up to Larissa was not the hobby of everyone in our group. Book or publication : Eventuell demnächst ein Reisebericht in einer Zeitschrift oder auch auf einem Treffen! Cemal and the other riders had to pay fees to the police. We will be planning to stay in Egypt to work as diving instructors for perhaps 12-18 months - at least that is the intention! But there is no reason and way today just to bomb other places, people and even countries at once. Earlier experiences: Eine Soloreise mit Hitze (36 Grad) an der Cote d' Azur, Schnee und Minustemperaturen am Furkapass, Sonne, Regen und Begegnungen mit anderen Motorradfahrern. Die Grenze zu Georgien war komplett geschlossen. D' Eira  (2208 Pso. Useful tips for sexstillinger bilder latex bdsm others: Bring a good tent with a very good sleaping bag. In some cases their life is much better! Earlier Experiences of big Motorcycle-Tours :? Die vielen einfachen, herzlichen und freundlichen Menschen in den bereisten Ländern sowie die Gastfreundschaft unterwegs. Back to ck to Germany. Interest of people alongside the roads, different landscape of European Continent. Jeder kleine Stadt hat ein Internet-Cafe! Perhaps the first tour of many? We reached the coast of Black Sea hoping for sunshine and spending some days at the beach (and drying our baggage and tents but the rain followed. But at first we got to know the Georgian-food! How have the first peolpe crossed these high rock-chains when? Europe 2001.06.-, matthias Reusch (German scandinavia. In 29 day's,.784Km, 1300 pictures, everything went perfect. Small roads near Russia, muddy roads near Pokka. Last update - Klaus Blank (German, 1974) and Markus Habdank (German, 1974) - Along the "Black Sea ". 2 people on a DR 650 incl. Joachim fuhr solo in 18 Tagen mit Gepäck über Asphaltstrassen durch die Französichen, Italienischen, Schweizer, Österreichischen und Deutschen Alpen. Route : Travemünde - Helsinki by ship, Rovaniemi(Fin) - Kautokeino (N) - Karasjok - Nordkap - back on E6 to Oslo. De la Croix de Fer (2067. Finally to arrive in a nice, civilized country. Egon fuhr solo mit BMW R 1100. Ende der Tour Jens-Frederik Maug (German, born?,?,1984) no homepage yet Andorra. Die Länder und die Orte auf dieser Route sind einfach grandios und sicher! Earlier experience: Driving by motorcycle for three weeks through snow and cold in december 1999 - december 2000 from Netherlands to Spain (also kept hand written diary). 2014: New KTM instead of XTZ 600. Lange Wartezeiten ( 3 Stunden) von Polen kommend an der Grenze nach Kaliningrad (Russland) sowie in Narva (Grenze Estland-Russland). Useful tips for others: Einfach hinfahren und selbst schauen! Wandern am Grand Canyon du Verdon. Route: Von Hamburg mit dem Autoreisezug nach Triest (Italien dann nach Zagreb (Kroatien) und mit einer Station in Sarajewo nach Albanien.