ecw one night stand full show 2006 haugesund

ideas in the comments section. Foley pulls out. Super Crazy makes the tag! Tajiri and Crazy each score with dropkicks in the corner. JBL calls ECW backyard trash while the crowd chants, You suck dick! The crowd chants for Sandman. Well, this is something you certainly wouldnt see in WWE today. Cena responds by going up top and flying to the outside with a modified atomic elbow to the back of RVD. However, this was still a great match that led to a great moment. Mysterio takes the action inside and hits a moonsault press onto a standing Sabu for two. There wasn't a single thing on this show that could be classified as "boring and just about everything is completely entertaining. Sabu violently throwhair into mysterios face! Dreamer and Edge pair off, as do Foley and Funk. Angle applies a modified sleeper but Orton gets to the ropes. Foley applies THE mandible claw TO beulah! I plan on starting a series called, Id Rather Be Dead Than Watch. Sandman then canes him all the way to the back. ecw one night stand full show 2006 haugesund

12:34, eCW One: Ecw one night stand full show 2006 haugesund

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Nuri massage lesbian anal hd Sabu sets up a table on the outside. Just kidding, they f*ing hate him. Angles gonna kill you!
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Mamaluke tries to run in to cut things off, but Super Crazy intercepts him with a dropkick. Taz and Joey Styles hype the title matches, but John Bradshaw Layfield cuts them off from the balcony. Winner: Balls Mahoney, this was felt really hollow and unimportant after what it followed. Orton taps AT 15:08! I wish Tanaka had stuck around, but knowing how WWE handles Japanese wrestlers, he probably wouldve been turned into a comedy character. Edges run-in was interesting, and it was kind of weird to hear the crowd thanking him after his actions earlier in the night. Tajiri connects with a wicked superkick on Little Guido, but Mamaluke breaks the count at two. Foley puts the Mandible Claw on Dreamer while Edge sets up in the corner. RVD turns around into a drop toehold! It works on your TV, PC or MAC! Paul heyman comes OUT TO THE ring! RVD crawls toward Cena for the cover! The match wasnt boring, but it was entirely passable. Taz and Styles throw it to a video package to hype the Edge/Foley. Edge gets Beulah in pumphandle position, but Funk emerges from the back with his gøye drikkeleker modne nakne damer head wrapped up, and he has a barbed wire 24! Edge lights up dreamer with the street sign on the outside. Both men throw foley into THE board! Cena lays OUT THE REF witlothesline! They could cover, but instead, they shift their focus to Beulah. The spots that hit were really cool, and the crowd ate. Paul Heymans music hits and he makes his way out to a huge ovation. RVD covers, AND heyman counts- ONE, TWO, three! Tajiri lights up Guido with kicks and covers for two after a spinning heel kick. Orton stalls once the match officially gets under way, which the audience does not take kindly. Sabu hits an arabian facebuster! ecw one night stand full show 2006 haugesund