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easy to cultivate your sexual energy because youll be challenged to refrain from ejaculating, even during sex. Lingam Massage is a type of tantric penis massage that was developed in my home country of Germany in the 70s by Andro Andreas Rothe, founder of Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge in Berlin. Be in touch with the receiver during this process, as some men have more sensitive testicles than others. Give them some love during the Lingam massage by gently stretching them away from the receivers body. These blockages are caused due to: Ageing process, emotional trauma, physical trauma, toxins such. Find something higher, more meaningful, and more powerful to aim for. Vary the action from one hand to two hands. How Does Lingam Massage Work? You'll have a deeper feeling of worship or meditation and mindfulness. Then both of you remove your clothes one piece at a time, and say something out loud that you are stripping off with each piece of clothing. Remind him to breathe deeply. Move onto the testicles. store pupper lingam massasje Or better yet, ask him if you can shave him for easier access. The word Lingam is an ancient Sanskrit term for penis, and is literally translated as wand of light. Brand new on Beducated: Lingam Massage Online Course. Prostate massage can sometimes be difficult to do with fingers, which is why so many sex toy companies now sell prostate massagers that you can use when you're ready to take it to the next level. You should find a small indentation about the size of a pea or a bit larger. This is a saving of vast amount of sexual energy which is being moved throughout the body to experience a full body orgasm, where by transforming negativity in the body to be more positive, open and healed. Talk about this before the penis massage, keeping in mind that they may change their mind during the process. It will make you more empathetic to his thoughts and feelings. Men become powerful sexually, developing their career, with good health and happiness with improved relationships and being able to find their ideal partner and getting rid of most of the sexual dysfunctions and disorders and many illnesses they suffered for many years and finally becoming.

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An orgasm of sorts can happen, usually on a more energetic and emotional level, but its definitely not the main purpose of the treatment. You too should try to get comfortable so you can also relax while giving the massage. You can touch it at times while moving up the body, but dont focus on it just yet. These traumas are the ones that create the deepest blocks reducing the orgasmic capacity. Hold the sides of the Lingam with both of your hands and ski with your thumbs by alternating up and down from the root of the penis all the way to the tip. The bottom hand moves up and down while the top hand does a swirling/twisting action at the tip of the penis. In todays western culture, men feel attacked simply for being men. It can be an independent act or foreplay to sex. For 1000s of years Lingam has been worshipped as a symbol of fertility through which the earth grows new crops and herds multiply and through which tribes feeds themselves, prosper and grow strong. It helps create a smoother, gliding motion.

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Set the right mood with soft music, candles, aroma oils, and anything else that will help your partner relax Pillows Heat the room if necessary Get Started Its now time to relax. Lubricate and massage around the penis. Knots are usually surface blockages that can appear as thickened or lumpy areas, sometimes these knots can be felt like small plums. I certainly am, and you may be too without even knowing it! This lingam massage I am teaching you can be done two ways. Connection with your partner, connection with your soul, God, Buddha, nature, the universe, the divine within you (or whatever you want to call it!). Shall I continue like this? Ask if he's ready for more.